Still learning...

It's been ages since we posted, but there's really no news.  We've spent the months researching boats and deciding the best path for us.  Still trying to figure out if we want to buy our own boat right out of the gate (dock?), or perhaps to work on a boat for that hands-on experience that we both crave.  I'm leaning toward working on someone's boat for a while - even if only for a short, temporary time frame.  I'm pretty darn sure the learning curve is going to be steep and priceless.

On the positive side we've been chatting with some locals about sailing lessons.  Neither has a boat, but they've got extensive knowledge in sailing.  We'll figure out those pesky boat details when the time comes.  Just to know we've got convenient/intelligent brains to pick is a relief!

We're also educating ourselves on potential income generators.  Sure would suck to finally get out to sea only to realize we're eating rice and fish for eons.  We don't expect to be as cushy-cozy as we are now, but look forward to the excitement of the changes, regardless.

I'm back to working on my Culinary degree and find myself mentally making modifications to recipes and taking note of cooking techniques that will work well on boats.  It's becoming a constant subconscious exercise in our daily lives to compare everything we do to how we can do it on a boat.  I think that's a good start ;)

Thanks for checking in.  Feel free to ask questions, follow the blog or offer some advice.  We're trying to soak up as much info as we can while we fulfill our land obligations!

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