Hanging out for the holiday

Mark sorted out our dinghy davit set up.
Still needs a few parts.  What boat project doesn't?
 Last week was Thanksgiving, and we both had the week off!  But, alas no sailing...


Project in Pictures: Copper Coat Bottom Paint

Here's the before... 1/4" of so many years of paint
Welcome to our Project in Pictures!  Here's photo log of the copper bottom application.


Day of Rest

I think it's officially Fall in Savannah...
You won't see that much around here these days - a Day of Rest.  


Living in the In-Between

Thanks to a post by Melissa over at Little Cunning Plan, I've been inspired to do a quick update on what it's really like around here.  You know, behind the scenes.


Projects: Hard Top and Tower

Raising the "Tower in a Box" with the boom for installation

Installing a hard top and tower is a major project that we've had in the works since we bought Luna.  


Please. Stop. Breaking.

Mark breaking down the engine to figure out why it wouldn't start...

There are a million sayings to describe what "Cruising" really is:
  • Cruising = Fixing your boat in exotic locations
  • B.O.A.T. - Break Out Another Thousand 
  • 1 Boat Dollar = $1000
  • If you wait until your boat is ready, you'll never leave the dock!
We thought we were ahead of the game on this.  Our plan was to buy a boat that didn't really need a lot of work and then make some improvements to make it comfortable for us to live on. And, you know, maintain some stuff along the way. 

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