Prepping to Sail: The Year of Yes

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Andy, Lee and Mark - doing what they do best.
This year, as we finish selling off our properties and saving money to sail away, we are focusing on the life we have here.

This is our Year of Yes.


Living Aboard: A Guest's Point of View #1

If you remember, there were 6 of us on the boat for a week - family visiting to celebrate the New Year together.  We all had a blast.  But it got me to thinking...  My sisters had heard stories and read blog posts and seen pictures of the boat.  But was staying here really what they expected?  Here's #1 of 2 points of view on living aboard for a week (my responses/sarcastic comments will be in purple):

Guest Post #1 - Beth's Point of View on Staying Aboard

Beth at the Beach

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