The Great Chicken Explosion of 2013

When I was provisioning I bought some hamburger, pork chops and a big ole pack of chicken tenderloins - (nevermind that I'm mostly vegetarian and Mark will eat whatever I plop down in front of him).

Heeling - the mystery solved

It only took 2 weeks.


Cruising on down the ICW - Daytona, here we come!

We woke up in St. Augustine this morning and took advantage of the hot showers and free wifi again (I actually grabbed the SHAMPOO this time.)  As we were gearing up to head out, we saw a pretty unfortunate un-docking.  And lord knows I've had my fair share of docking mishaps, so I'm not going to go into detail, but let's just say there was some screaming like a little girl, and eventually a crunch of a bow that looked/sounded like structural damage.


St. Augustine Florida - anchor's away!

We lifted anchor this morning (Thursday) and headed south a bit to the St. Augustine inlet, via the ICW.  There are horror stories about this inlet, and I'm sure on a choppy day, the rumors hold true. 

What day is it?

We say that around here a lot.  It's Wednesday, however, and we are heading south towards St. Augustine in the ICW (Intracoastal Waterway). 


Day 3 - Sapelo to Fernandina

Boy.  This has been a rough one.  We set off this morning to calm waters and light winds.  We made it to St. Simons Island very quickly - we thought we had a few hours minimum, but were obviously closer than expected after winding our way down the ICW last night to search for anchorage.  Our anchorage turned out to be perfect, by the way.  Best night of sleep we've had so far.

Number 2 - our 2nd day south!

We slept halfway decent, considering it rained most of the night.  We knew we didn't really need to leave before 9am due to projected rain, and that's about when it ended and we headed out.  Seas were much calmer today. 


Day 1 - last minute details before shoving off

Day 1 complete! 

We headed to the boat Friday morning with the last of the clothes and food.  I headed up the mast to replace both the anchor light and the steaming light bulbs. 


Provisioning - prepping for our first trip...

So we did it.  We set sail for 3 weeks!  Our first trip longer than an over-nighter - and we don't really have a plan.  Yep.  We are plan-less.  But that doesn't mean a lot of planning didn't go into this plan-less adventure. 


Southern Accents

Have you seen these videos?  If not, you're either living under a rock - or out to sea on a boat.  Either way, the series has been making the rounds for a while.  And as a lifelong southerner (well, anywhere from Oklahoma to the SE Ga coast), I'd like to say they're silly stereotypes that are demeaning to women and only work to further the belief that a Southern accent is equal to a low IQ.  But I'm too busy laughing.


Cold, Wet, Slimy and Covered with Critters

Cold, Wet, Slimy and Covered with Critters

That's how I spent my Friday, scraping the bottom once again. I have always been a confident SCUBA diver, but with the strong currents, near zero visibility, close quarters with other boats, the dock, oyster beds, etc. I am still not totally comfortable while doing this wonderful chore.

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