How do you stay motivated when you've got a long term goal?

Let's say you want to lose weight. That is a long term goal, right?  (well it should be! You didn't get out of shape overnight - so you can't fix it overnight.  But that's a lecture for another day)  Maybe you use a pic of your formerly-hot-self as your profile pic as a reminder that you can be fit.  Or maybe you put a pic of your not-so-hot self on the fridge as a reminder to make smart food choices.  (Our fridge just has a list of the foods buried deep in side - don't want to let that chocolate and beer go to waste)


What's It Like on a Boat in Winter?

Thanks to a rare, particularly frigid cold front that has descended on Savannah, and my last post, the question of what it's like on Luna Sea in winter has been coming up frequently.

What is it really like to live on a boat in January/February?  


Well, it's Winter. On a boat.

foggy marsh view
Too bad you can't convey temps via photo...
It is so cold. OK. So it's in the 30's (0-5 celsius) We've been here so long that we are acclimated. So 30F is flippin' cold.


Quiet = Busy!

It's been quiet in Blogland - and as usual, that means we have been crazy-busy.  So what's been going down around here?

iguana st thomas usvi
These guys are ALL OVER the island!
1.  We spent 8 days in St. Thomas!  If you follow us on Facebook, you already know this.  If not - we had a fantastic time.  The USVI's feel very homey to both of us.  We can't wait to visit by boat!

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