New Website: SailingLunaSea.com!

Guess what!?!  We have a new website!  Yes, we're transitioning from a Blogger-based site to www.SailingLunaSea.com

sailing Luna Sea
Here's what it looks like on a phone...

Why?  Blogger is free.  That is huge.  And you can buy a domain and "point" a blog to it, which is almost free - you just have to pay for the domain each year.  We do love spending as little as possible around here.

So really, why then are we "moving"?

  • I want more freedom in my design options.  While I have not single-handed the design, I have definitely had more flexibility now that I am using Blue Host (to host the site) and Wordpress (to design the site).  

  • We are getting ready to start filming our processes/boat life/fun around here.  Integrating an additional platform (Youtube) means we will likely have more traffic on the site.  I want an easy, clean, navigable site as we continue to grow.

  • sailingLunasea.Blogspot.com vs sailingLunaSea.com - to us, the 2nd is much easier to remember!  If you are into blogs, sure, blogspot.blogname.com is easy enough to remember.  But if you are just Googling that one boat you saw a pic/video/heard about that one time?  We feel like a standard website format is just easier to find.  And we want you to find us!  

There will continue to be tweaks to the site for some time, I'm sure.  I had to download all the posts from here and transfer them over there.  In some cases links broke, or looped back to this blog vs to the intended posts in the new version.  Pictures are skewed, or missing.  Bullet points "disappear" into the ether.  It's been interesting, to say the least!

So go on - check out the website!  Let us know your thoughts.  What do you like about it?  Are you having trouble with any part of it?  Is it easy?  Confusing?  Loading quickly or too slowly (there are a lot of pics!)  And get ready - because this blog will soon be "pointing" to the new site!

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