Spring Cleaning - or napping, as I like to call it.

I haven't posted much, but that's really because there's not that much boat related going on.  I'm finishing up a semester at Culinary school - 3 classes to go!  But I've also recently dual enrolled - so I'm going for the Baking/Pastry degree as well.  As long as Mark is loving his job, we'll be here, so I may as well rack up as many options for making cash on the road as possible.
We spent a bit of time on Luna Sea last weekend - hung out with friends in the evenings and took out our daughter (finally!) on Sunday for a quiet sail.
Calm day on the water
Brit boarding the dinghy to explore an island


Toes in the sand: St. Croix 2014

What an island!  We loved pretty much every bit of our vacation.  We headed down to Jacksonville, FL Monday evening to stay with some friends prior to our 8am flight on Tuesday.  Then it was down to Miami and off to St. Croix!

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