Living aboard - Hello Spring! And a lesson on Boat Corrosion.

We are still here and still chugging right along.

We've finished most of our major projects and are just carrying on with our daily lives.  Work, boat maintenance, playing outside when it's nice and going to the gym regularly.

This week's boat maintenance included replacing the screen on the autopilot. It's been giving us some fits for a while, and finally pretty much blanked out.  So Mark ordered a replacement screen and decided to tackle the job himself.  It was either going to be an easy fix or a new autopilot.  Thus is the way of a liveaboard life...


Road Trip: Key West! Underwater Views

You might remember we headed to Key West for Birthday Week.  In fact, the last post was about the treacherous bicycle loop around the entire island.

We took our SCUBA/snorkel gear with us and had a blast exploring the underwater sights.  Here's a pretty brief video of our dives.

We went with a local dive group and, well, it was interesting.  We have been diving in a number of places - and the crew is usually nice, and always helpful. This group - well, they were nice.  And they hooked up/swapped our tanks for us.  But other than that, we were on our own.  We were given a brief description of the reef below us, and then tossed into the ocean to fend for ourselves.  

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