One Last Hurrah: Dominican Republic, here we come!

We're heading out before you know it for the Dominican Republic!  By plane.  Luna Sea will be hanging out in her slip, all hunkered down to suffer through the cold while we enjoy 8 beautiful days in the Dominican Republic.


Selling for Sailing

We're doing it.  We started selling off our things a few weeks ago.  Just small things for now - extra chairs, extra cycling gear, an extra SUP.  Noticing the trend?  Yes, I'll take "things we have duplicates of" for $400, Alex.  All for sale.  And selling!  We're growing the cruising kitty one sale at a time.


Bits and Pieces - small projects completed

I realize I haven't written in a while.  Sometimes there's just no news.  Other times I'm just swamped with life and can't get around to it.  Lately it's been the latter.

I started a new job at a brand new local bakery - and I'm having a blast.  It's a much better fit for me than the school I was working at earlier in the semester.

In the meantime - we've finished the back cushions in the salon!

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