#BoatFail - 5 Kitchen and Bath Fails

We don't take purchases lightly.  We have a strict "Buy 1, Get Rid of 1" rule in this boat.  Want that cute new shirt?  Which one are you going to get rid of if you buy it?  New shampoo?  Your bottle is not empty yet - put it back on the shelf.  New wrench for current boat project?  We have one at the condo - so drive over and get it, instead of running to the hardware store to save 3 minutes... So a lot of research goes into pretty much anything that we buy.  In fact, most things need to have at least 2 uses, or at a minimum - be space savers. All things have to "work" on a boat.  Here are some of the things we've bought and tried to use on the boat.  They've basically just been a waste of money.  Maybe this post can save you some cashola - and I'll tell you what worked in the end, if I've found a solution...


7 Random Things About Living on Land

Our fabulous back yard - where we learned to SUP
We've been back in the condo for almost 2 weeks now.  Don't get me wrong - we are so thankful that we haven't sold it yet.  Living on the boat in the boat yard (out of the water) with no air conditioning, in Savannah, GA, would not be ideal to say the least. Particularly in August/September.  It is hot.  And sticky.  And the sand gnats are starting to come out again.  Don't laugh.  If you're laughing, you clearly don't know what a sand gnat is...

So how are we faring in the land of endless baths (there are TWO bathtubs here!) and various kitchen appliances?

Here are 7 random things I've notice lately:


Boat Projects: The BIG stuff begins...

It's finally happening.  We've moved from making curtains and cushions to the meatier, more significant projects!

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