To Do/Buy List

Here's a list of planned projects - both large and small!  But so far mostly small.

  • treat teak on cockpit benches and companion way handles Now I want to sand down and varnish... Replaced with King StarBoard (white plastic-y stuff)
  • seal a/c vent (large gaps around aft cabin vent)
  • remove Pleiades from everything for name changing ceremony
  • rebuild/recover bench lid - needs hinge
  • get local charts for chart plotter  Found them on existing software!  
  • companion way doors - hinged instead of stacking - under construction!
  • replace some hatches - used vinyl window cling.  What crazing!?  ;) We DID replace all of the opening port lights, however.  So nice to be able to see out.  Not crazy about dock neighbors being able to see in...
  • tower/davit/hard top
  • generator - permanent or portable? - Honda 2000!
  • fabric hatch covers
  • foam filled boat hook  (not filled with foam yet...but there are no holes in this one, so we'll see)
  • dingy  Found a cool Sumner sailing dinghy - hoping to learn how to actually sail it!   Picked up a Highfield inflatable at the 2015 Miami Boat Show - LOVE IT! 
  • replace/coat head shower/sink handles and hooks
  • whisker pole mount
  • hang paintings
  • repair grill clamp
  • Grill cover
  • repair engine hatch strut
  • bottom paint - Copper Coat!
  • De-Naming Ceremony
  • Re-Naming Ceremony
  • New name decals
  • make bed sleepable - memory foam top is awesome, still need to replace plywood base.  Finally broke down and installed a brand new foam mattress that we cut to size - happy birthday to me! (2015)
  • create easy access for the wieners! Boat access complete - now below deck access...
  • hang net around bottom portion of life lines - ordered, just waiting...
  • recover stern step - decorative "teak" covering was rotten :(
  • Build the most awesome trash can ever
  • Throw randomness into this list to see if anyone is actually reading it.
  • Make fwd berth sleepable - add same memory foam, likely replace plywood base.
  • Recover salon cushions - maybe add foam and deepen port side cushions. - Base cushions are done!  New foam is awesome. 
  • Replace countertops
  • Fuel jugs 4 diesel jugs PLUS Sunbrella covers - DONE!
  • Govino full set of non-breakable/non-ugly drinking glasses  Partial set.  Gotta say I'm not loving their inability to stack for storage...
  • radar and radar mount
  • snubber
  • hand held VHF?  - we bought a cheap set, but need to see if they actually work well.
  • quiet replacement fans - 3 out of 5 replaced!  Caframo cageless.  Will order 2 more on next Defender order...  DONE! They are fabulous!
  • wifi booster  Vagabondwifi!
  • Sailrite sewing machine?   Paid for itself on the first project! 
  • 12v TV/dvd player?
  • hand held depth sounder
  • hand held wind thingy
  • winch covers
  • outboard engine cover
  • Sunbrella grill cover
  • Outdoor cushions
  • Repair/replace mirrors throughout boat
  • Build armoire for more clothes storage
  • Paint forward head wall and install new mirror
  • Replace cracked instrument cover
  • Replace sacrificial Sunbrella Fabric on jib. 
  • Move. Onto. The. Boat. Already!
  • Buy new, smaller life raft.
  • Get an inflatable dinghy to replace the sailing dinghy.  
  • Water maker.  We like us some showers...
  • Forward cabin mattress  Replaced with a  5" version of what we used in the aft cabin.  Just need to make a decorative Izit Leather cover.  And then pile all the crap back on top of that bed.
  • Enclosure for cockpit as soon as hard top is installed
  • dinghy chaps
  • Lazy Jack bag - Sunbrella
  • Sunbrella cover for wheel
  • Lock for companionway
  • Re-paint stripes when we haul for bottom job
  • Inspect thru-hulls and keel bolts at haul out - replaced 4 thru hulls and re-bedded all 9 keel bolts.  
  • Re-condition prop during haul out
  • Reset rudder and new wheel to zero
  • Replace hose on forward head - done, maybe?
  • Replace old round grill with rectangle grill after we install new hard top
  • Grill cover for new grill
  • New Stove/Oven?
  • Sunbrella cover for outboard motor
  • Make a 4 direction wind scoop.
  • Inspect/tune all rigging
  • New anchor bridle/snubber
  • New anchor chain (we're all chain, so it's a BIG order!)  Happy to say we have FOUR HUNDRED feet of new anchor chain.  (HT43, just in case we need to do that again...)
  • Replace opening port lights


  1. Yes I am really reading and i think you didn't mark off "create easy accewss for the wieners"
    Ya'll are really moving along...snicker,snicker in more ways than one. XOXOXOXo

  2. Haha, love the 3rd to last bullet! ;) I gotta look for your posts on the dogs! -Kim

    1. Thanks, Kim! Your comment reminded me to come update the list..

  3. Ref: 12v TV/dvd player?

    We found a Samsung 24" Class 1080p LED HDTV T24C550ND at Costco for $149.00 . It's technically 14 volts but works fine on 12v. Look for a model with a 110 vac brick power adapter that outputs 14 vdc (like a computer power brick). Then, just hard wire to the 12v system on the boat. Most of the TVs are going this way now because they only need to change the plug when shipping to all the various countries and meeting the numerous power requirements.

    We have yet to find a 12v DVD but opted for a 110vac model. We can run it off a small $40 inverter (the power requirement is low). We have the capability of streaming netflix and pandora via the DVD player when we are able to get a wi-fi signal.


  4. Throwing randomness into my comment to see if anyone is reading it ;-)

    On a more serious note, what are you guys thinking about in terms of watermakers? Have you started investigating yet? It's one of the things on our list of things to buy, but we may defer to the purchase for another year give the cost.

    1. We ARE investigating. But like most technical things, things are constantly changing and improving. There's at least one brand out there that is modular - which would be great for us, since we don't really have large spaces available to put a large system. We are also investigating some units that run off of the engine/alternator (or something like that...) But it's a lot like sewing machine research - it all runs together after a while! And since we won't be installing one for about a year, we're not really focused. We keep reading fabulous things about Cruise RO. I can't think of any other name brands off the top of my head. I'll be sure and do a post or two on it when it gets closer to time to make a final decision.

  5. I came across your Blog and thought you may be interested in an item I brought on my last Cruise. :) I've been on a few cruises and it had all the items I needed. Here's the Link: Hope you like it!!


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