Dogs on a Boat - the Puppy Pad Chronicles

If you've been following along, you know we've been working/struggling with getting the dogs to go to the bathroom on the boat.  If you haven't been following along - well, I guess you're here specifically to read about doggy potty breaks, so I'll fill you in on what's been happening.


Too Many Miles in a Day

St. Augustine to Fernandina - after dark, in a storm.  Not the best way to travel, I must say.

St. Augustine for the Holidays

We left Daytona via the Ponce Inlet and scooted up the coast via the ocean - to St. Augustine Inlet.  I've mentioned this inlet before, I think, but if not, it is interesting.  The St. Augustine channel is very clearly marked by lots of red and green barrels - and we were told by Seatow (via phone) to hug the red side.  However,  the current was pushing toward the red side, the waves were pretty high/strong in the inlet, and the waves crashing just on the other side of one particular red barrel had us changing our course to a center-of-the-channel kind of approach.
I'm just wagering that you might not want to hug that green barrel either...


Daytona - a day in pictures

We passed these guys on our way south.  I would imagine that you've noticed our very mature senses of humor, but if not, this should clue you in.  We were cackling.  


Boat Food: Buffalo Chicken and Brocolli

There are no pictures for this recipe, and for that I apologize.  But we ate it.  Scarfed it right down and practically licked the bowls clean.  Just make it yourself.  You'll see.

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