Crew & "Plan"

Who are we?  A couple that's been together for 2 decades - just looking to the next sunny adventure together. He's in Aerospace and working to complete his SCUBA instructor certs.  She just finished Culinary school and is quickly becoming proficient with her shiny blue Sailrite.  The puppies are experts at lounging in the sun and romping in the sand.  Molly is an excellent paddle boarder while Libby prefers to watch from the ship.  Between the four of us, we're getting this boating life figured out!

Libby, Molly and Mark - crew & skipper
What are we doing?  We're currently on the lookout for a boat. (See Home tab for frequent updates!) In the middle of buying a Beneteau 393!  Done. Bringing home the boat and making her "ours." Done!  Prepping to move aboard!  Finishing up boat upgrades and saving that cash - so we can get the heck outta Dodge!  :)

Where are we?  In gorgeous Savannah, GA.  We love it here - and look forward to a few more months in the crazy, hot south.

Jennifer - chef, skipper, seamstress

When are we setting sail?  Well now, that's a good question.  We're not exactly old enough to retire yet.  BUT who's to say we can't go ahead and enjoy our boating adventures on weekends and holidays?!?  But truthfully?  ASAP!  We are selling things off like crazy, working on those upgrades we've decided we can't live without, and are stashing away the cash like Scrooge McDuck. UPDATE: 10 months to go!  Count down with us each month on Instagram. :)

Why are we doing this?  We love to travel and, let's face it - we're not exactly your typical land lubbering-stuff collecting-home bodies. We are going to float around and explore with no time clock to punch.There's so much of this world left for us to check out. As a bonus - we'd love to be able to give back to the areas we visit.  So we will be looking for orphanages, shelters, handy man projects, food banks, etc. - anywhere we can contribute.  Stay tuned - we'll even be offering ways for you to contribute to the places we explore as well!

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  1. You now have the boat and there is no time like the present. Get out here and join us in this wonderful world where there are adventures and cock ups to be made over every horizon.


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