Boat Food: Buffalo Chicken and Brocolli

There are no pictures for this recipe, and for that I apologize.  But we ate it.  Scarfed it right down and practically licked the bowls clean.  Just make it yourself.  You'll see.

This was one of the recipes I worked on to use some of the boiled chicken from the Great Chicken Explosion.  If you don't have pre-cooked chicken, then cook some.  This was our Christmas Eve dinner in the cockpit - it was quick and we were starving and it was delicious.  Feel free to make substitutions, as always, but here's how it went down on Luna Sea:

A cup or two of cooked chicken - cut into bite sized pieces
A cup or two of broccoli - I had a bag of once-frozen broccoli in the the fridge and just dumped it in
1/2 block of cream cheese
3/4 stick of butter (have you ever read the ingredients on hot wing sauce?  Deliciously bad for you)
Tabasco - to taste, but I used at least a tablespoon
Cayenne - enough to make your nose run
salt and pepper
Boiled red potatoes cut into hefty bite sized pieces

I cooked and seasoned the potatoes while the chicken concoction was melting.  I layered the bowl with potatoes - and then topped with the spicy, cheesey chicken and broccoli.  If it had been cold and I'd pre-planned this meal, I could've baked potatoes to warm the boat and then topped with the buffalo chicken.  But I did not plan at all, just tossed the ingredients into the pan until it turned into something edible.  And edible it was!  Mark says this is his favorite meal of the entire trip.  


  1. I'm gonna try this, this weekend, yum yum yum can hardly wait :) thanks for sharing!! CH


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