The next post should include toes in the sand...

We survived the birthday weekend on Luna Sea.  We paddled.  A lot.  In fact, I found stomach muscles I'd forgotten about - even though I'm still teaching Pilates and TRX at the local YMCA...  I have to say, I'm seriously loving that Tower iSUP.  Seriously.  I just think about where I want to go, and it pretty much goes there.  I have not had that response with my traditional SUPs.  And I have no problem getting it on and off of Luna Sea by myself.  Sure, I had to drop it a couple of feet onto the dock from the deck of the boat - but it won't hurt it!

Anyway - we had a fantastic weekend.  We relaxed.  We met knew boating friends that are here for a bottom job.  We chatted with friends that were on their boat - they come and go from their home in Tampa on a regular basis.  We met another couple that were heading out for a sail - and they're about our age, so it'll be nice to have even more people to talk sailing with.  I swear I know more people at the marina than I do in my neighborhood.  It helps that we all have a crazy lifestyle in common.  We finished off the weekend with some couch time and an amazing dinner at a local restaurant, Alligator Soul.  You have to check it out if you're ever in town.  I have to say, after this weekend of eating and drinking and being merry, it's probably not really fair for me to claim being a vegetarian.  My steak last night was 16oz of magic.  And the chicken the day before with friends was pretty tasty - as was the chicken soup at the mexican restaurant the night before.  Oh, and the handmade sausages we made at school the past 2 weeks weren't too shabby either.  (see the pattern?)

I just got a text from Mark that he's leaving work in about 4 hrs.  I still need to type/print a list of all the houses/businesses for sale that we want to check out when we're in St. Croix this week.  And all the recommended places I've heard about via the blog/FB/friends - we don't want to miss the best restaurants and SCUBA shops!  I've sorta packed...  Need to hit the bank and the post office and check with my cell phone company to make sure we'll have coverage in the USVI.  Have to confirm arrangements with the dog/house sitter.  And we still have to drive to Jax to fly out in the morning.  Geez.  Guess the point is - no more time to blog!

The next few posts will surely have pics of beaches and beverages and ocean dwellers.  Happy St. Pat's!!

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  1. What a wonderful weekend, what a wonderful BIRTHDAY WOO HOO.......ya'll have worked sooooooooooooooo hard for sooooooooo long and now you get to play.......WHAT FUN ! ! ! ! ! HUGS candy


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