Eating my way through Altea

Yes, this is basically a blog about our choice to sail away one day to explore warm sunny beaches.  In the mean time, I'm in culinary school working on one more way to make money while we sail.  I'm pretty sure that would imply that I love food.  I love to shop for food, cook food, eat food and feed food to other people.
Thus my obsessive photos of food on a recent solo trip to Altea, Spain to visit my sister and her family.  Here are shots - mostly food!- from that trip.  Enjoy!

The only decent food I had on my long trip to Spain - a Mediterranean platter. Sorry it's out of focus.  I was in a hurry to eat it. 
 Couldn't really get a clear, focused shot of this - but then I was also trying not to look like a freak taking a pic of airport food.
Breakfast on the balcony - over looking the sea

 Nispero (Loquats) were in season!  They are only available in the area one month out of the year - and it happened to be while I was in Altea.  We gorged on these free little gems the whole time.  They have their own distinct flavor - and are used in local restaurants when available: Nispero Gelato, etc.

 We stopped and had this delicious Thai soup a couple of times.  I have to say that Spain - the land of jamon, is not always the easiest place to find vegetarian friendly menu items...

They even made veggie spring rolls for me.  :)  
Most of the time, we whipped up dinner at home with veggies straight from the market.

Picking out super fresh foods at the street market.
A bit of a Sister day - including drinks...

... and lessons on NOT putting your fingers in the photos, regardless of gale-force winds.
This is a SANDWICH.  What!?!  It was as delicious as it looks - deep fried ham-wrapped asparagus and all.

Nothing like the bad influence of a big sister.  


  1. This is seriously top-notch food porn. Good job! And thanks for sharing with us fellow food-lovers <3

    1. You are very welcome! Next time you have to go with me!

  2. WOW ! ! ! hadn't seen this one before, really GREAT ! ! ! !


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