Projects: Knee deep in Sunbrella

We're still here!  I feel like I say that a lot, as we're way too busy to blog on the daily.  Or weekly, apparently...

But here's what we're working on!  (and almost finished with!)

#1:  Took down our Genoa (the front sail) and are right smack in the middle of replacing all of the worn out Sunbrella
You can see the dry rot on the far right of this pic

Different angle of the dry rotted section

The leather is completely worn through and has already been removed for replacement

First replacement panel going on!
Ok, so the condo is not quite this cluttered anymore, but it's still bad as we continue to sell things off!

NOT the most comfortable way to sew...
 #2: Removed the wall panel that covers the holding tank in the forward head (bathroom)  This one is actually complete! 
Here's the wall after being removed.  It was already a different color from the surrounding walls (white vs cream)

THIS is what a holding tank looks like... (It's empty but clearly needs a good pressure rinse inside...)

And here's the completed project.  Sparkly paint and all!
 #3: Here's a hint of a big project we've been tag teaming.  It's this close to being done!

#4: Organizing the "garage" is underway!

We are on a roll here, folks!  We're weeks away from moving onto the boat.  And once all the craziness is done, I have grand plans of documenting each project more thoroughly.  It's definitely getting more home-y.  And the storage we're adding is already paying off.

In the mean time, I'm still stalking other blogs and getting more ideas - as well as living vicariously through those of you that are already out there exploring the (preferably warm and sunny) world!  And thanks to all of you readers for hanging in there during these sporadic posts.

As always we love hearing from you - feel free to chime in below in the Post a Comment section :)


  1. GREAT PROGRESS ! ! ! ! You two have done a WONDERFUL JOB, can hardly wait to see those BEAUTIFUL new sails in the breeze
    HUGS Mom :)

  2. Looks great so far!!! How do you like the Sailrite machine? My dinky little machine barely limps through two layers of Sunbrella, so I may add it to my wishlist soon.

    1. I really love it. It goes through several layers at a time. I have a few small areas I will have to hand sew on the sail - particularly where that leather is. But it's done pretty much everything I've asked it to do. Well worth the money we spent - it paid for itself when I recovered the salon cushions.

  3. The jobs are never ending so when you finish sorting your sail out can you do ours.
    Have a wonderful time.

    1. "Wonderful" is stretching it. But I'm currently writing the post on the completion of the sail recover. So it's finally DONE. By the time I'm done with all the sunbrella on Luna Sea, I'll be a pro. Then I can start taking orders ;)

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