St. Thomas!

It's that time again - travel time (aka December)!
For now, we go by plane...

We head off each December - preferably for sun and fun.  This year it was both vacation time AND our 20th anniversary.  How crazy is that!?  TWENTY years.  It sounds so long.  Like when you are 12 and someone says they are 40.  They seem so old.  But it has in fact been twenty years of wedded bliss.  And so to celebrate we headed off for 8 days in St. Thomas/St. John.
The weather was perfect - 85 during the day and 70 or so at night.  That's my kind of weather.  (back at home now, it's been in the 40's - NOT my kind of weather...)
We were an easy stroll to a couple of quiet beaches.
Charlotte Amalie (Ah-mal-ya)
We rented a condo in Red Hook and it was a fantastic location.  We had it to ourselves the first few days/nights, and then our friends flew in for the rest of the vacation.
We rented a car for the week so that we could really explore.
Peterborg - great view from up here!
Roaming around on Sunday - it was nice and quiet.  Headed up the 99 steps.
Looking for the "castle"...
We even checked out the super-touristy Mountain Top.
Yellow Trumpetbush - National Flower
A hummingbird zipping around town.

We absolutely love the USVI's.  We were able to snorkel several locations - we just strapped on our fins/mask, swam out and saw amazing fish, coral (unfortunately most of it was dead), eels, crabs, etc.  
On the car ferry out of Red Hook to St. John
We took the car ferry over to St. John and spent the day enjoying lunch at a beachside bar and snorkeling gorgeous white sand beaches with reefs just steps away.  I can't wait to be able to snorkel every day from the boat.  Unfortunately there's just not that much to see in the brown waters of Savannah.  Oh, there's plenty of life here, don't get me wrong.  You just can't see it in the murky water...

These views never get old!
I will admit I enjoyed the seemingly endless supply of ice from
the condo's full sized fridge.
This was an amazing trip.  We had great food and fun times with friends in a gorgeous location.  Next up?  What's been going on since we got back to Savannah and why it's been so quiet on the blog!

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