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I've been looking for some art form that I can do on Luna Sea.  That's a little more complicated than I imagined...  I need storage space, accessibility to supplies, room to work, and the ability to photograph the work when it's done.  I'm officially a painter - per my degree, but I do a lot of fabric dying and hand dyed silk scarves that sell in a boutique here in Savannah.  But there's just no room for painting.  And the chemicals that I have to use/dispose of to dye the fabrics?  Forget about it!  And storage of blank/painted canvases or bulk amounts of fabric?  It's just not going to happen.

I've spent a couple of months thinking about what I want to do.  It needs to be small.  It needs to be tedious (it's an active sort of meditation for me - you know, that feeling you get when you get sucked into a project and don't even realize how much time has passed.  This also happens when I play video games, but hey - there's not really a market for that.)  I finally decided to research bracelet/jewelry making.  It's small.  It's tedious.  I requires minimal storage for plastic containers.  I can mail the tiny packages from anywhere in the world.  And most exciting to me?  I can find beads/charms/inspiration in any corner of the world - this can work when we sail away!

I've made about 15 so far and just opened an Etsy shop.  I'd love some feedback.  I'm trying to keep it affordable - but they are hand beaded originals, so a profit would be nice.

Here are shots of a few of the items currently in the shop.  And when I get back to wifi, I will add a little widget to the blog somewhere, so you'll always have a subtle little reminder ;)
Every pirate needs a skull bracelet.

Happy Sunday!


  1. I REALLY LOVE all the mixed blue ones ! ! !Best Wishes with this new venture Kiddo. Ma :)

  2. I feel your pain! I also graduated with a degree in painting and was stuck when trying to bring stuff on the boat. I have small watercolour paper and watercolours, though I usually paint with oils, which I brought but have no canvas! Jewellery is a great idea, especially when travelling because like you said, you can buy stuff anywhere. When I lived in Mexico they had amazing head stores that were so cheap! Awesome solution!



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