Making Omelettes

What to do with a Dozen Broken Eggs?

About a week ago, I dropped this handy little egg storage device and to my surprise, broke evey last egg in the "protective" case.
As I lashed out a string of expletives that would have embarrased the saltiest of sailors, Jen walked over, got a water proof container from the Galley and began pouring the eggs into it and sorting out pieces of shells. That morning, we had omelettes.

As the week went on, I watched the egg level drop, until this morning, when we had a another great omelette and I washed the container in my morning dish ritual.

This got me to thinking about how our ability to make omelettes from broken eggs isn't nearly as important as willingness to make the best of a bad situation. I have watched Jennifer make "life" omelettes from more than just broken eggs and it is for this reason that I love her so very much. It is a simple analogy, but I would have likely washed the eggs down the sink. Yet she calmly cleaned up the mess and  fed us for over a week. So the next time Life throws you a dozen broken eggs, light the stove, mix in your favorite ingredients and have an omelette.


  1. Great analogy! We should all remember to make omelettes...and lemonade ;-)

    1. Thanks, Kat!

      PS - the food on your blog looks delicious!


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