Proof that boat designers hate live aboards

Hanging space and why boat designers hate live aboards/cruisers.

Walk on any 30-50 footer and it becomes clear that boat designers don't have the 9-5ers or the fashion conscious in mind. The amount of hanging space available on Luna Sea is the equivalent of hanging space needed for the Sport's Illustrated swimsuit photo shoot. Clearly something had to be done in order to live aboard while still working a real job. Hope you enjoy the video series on our approach. volume is poor so turn up your speakers.

Video 1


Once you know where it's going and you realize it will never be plumb, square or level.

Video 2

Fitting, Fitting, fitting, and more fitting

how to make fitting easy...........or at least more rerwarding!

finally out of the closet!


  1. All of them say "this video is private" what do I do to see them??? Thanks :) Mom/Candy ;)

    1. Ooh, thanks for the head's up! They should be public now. Just an issue in the settings of the original videos.

  2. Excellent work! Really looks sharp at the end.

    I agree that most production boats don't really thinking about us full-time liveaboards. But with some nice mods like this you wouldn't know it's not factory.

    Fair winds,


    1. Thanks, Jesse! It's been such a useful upgrade. Thanks for watching :)

  3. This is a Great video and the step by step instructions are sooooo helpful ! ! ! THANKS.
    The final product is beautiful ! ! ! !


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