Updates and next up - Lazy Jack Bag!

View from our "new" slip
I know - it's been quiet on the blog.  But guess what that means?!  It's crazy around here! (well, it could also just be boring around here, but nah - it's crazy!)

I finished my finals at school last week - and am now a chef!  (technically, a Certified Culinarian...)  I'm still at the bakery and loving it.

I'm starting to teach fitness classes again - so that should be fun.  And since we have been "spending more time on the boat" for the past 2+ months, I'm able to paddle at least a few days a week.  Just shove that board off the handy rack, and splash - time to paddle!

We moved to another slip in the marina a couple of days ago.  That took all of 20 minutes.  The easiest move of my life.  And closer to the yard - as well as more protected from all the jack-wagons that are coming out of the woodwork with this beautiful warm weather.  I swear, if they spent 5 minutes below deck on a sailboat when some other jack-wagon was throwing a crazybig wake in a no-wake zone, they'd tone it down a wee bit when they plow by.
Mark is heading off in a few weeks for a whirlwind tour of Europe.  Sounds jealousy-inducing, until you see his work itinerary.  He won't have any time for fun - all workworkwork.  But he still gets to add at least one new country to his passport - Austria!

The hardtop design has been finalized and production has begun!  We ordered it at the Miami Boat Show in February and are so happy the work has started.  Can't wait to get that sucker installed on the boat in a couple of months.  Will obviously do a separate post on that as it goes along.

Up next?  The new Lazy Jack Bag!  We removed the old one and I've begun the deconstruction of it in order to create a pattern for the new one.  And not a moment too soon.  That sucker was so dry-rotted that it's coming apart pretty easily.  Unfortunately, I didn't realize that until I'd already spent a couple of hours or so ripping seams...  Oh, well.  The rest will go more quickly.

Stay tuned for progress reports on the newest sewing project :)


  1. Yay updates! Things sound like they are going smashing. Fabulous. <3

    1. They are, my dear, they really are :)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS on your new degree :)........WOO HOO for allll the new ADVENTURES ahead for you and Mark. Will be looking forward to the updates on the "sail?" and your classes at the "Y" HUGS......Mom :)


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