One Action a Day, One Day at a Time

We've been cranking along around here, finishing projects left and right - while also adding new ones as we run across them.  Thankfully, nothing large has come to light - just small projects, usually improving our storage/organization, etc.

But, I admit it, I occasionally get lazy or bored.  
Granted, lazy for me usually still involves more activity than most people.  But when you've got a boat to prep for sailing around wherever the wind takes you, maybe you should get your rear in gear.

So as of yesterday, Monday - I'm making sure I do a minimum of 1 thing per day that gets us closer to our goals.  Yesterday that was whipping up a Sunbrella cover for our Honda generator.  I swear the boat is being swallowed up by turquoise at this point, but we've got to protect all of our investments :)  

Today I'm heading over to the commercial upholstery store to pick up the big, outdoor zippers/pulls I will need when I build the enclosure (it kind of turns our cockpit into an all-weather back porch, which = way more living space!).  

I'm also heading to the post office to drop off my passport renewal application.  That TWO steps in ONE day!  Whooop!  But guess what - it doesn't mean I can get lazy tomorrow.  I have to do a MINIMUM of one thing per day toward our goal.  2 things just means I'm being extra productive.  :)  (hey, I made this game up, I can make/change the rules when I wanna)

Granted, this is not my only goal in life.  I'm also working on getting back into shape.  This girl needs more muscles - boat life can be hard work!  So my second game is to do something everyday that helps me get stronger.  Yesterday was a sunset paddle.  Today I teach water aerobics.  Easy peasy.

So how about you?  What are some of your dreams and goals?  And what are you doing to work your way towards them?  Do you think this plan could work for you, as well?  Spew those details in the comments below!  ♥   


  1. I'm terrible about being lazy, as of late. I want to be stronger but I don't do a thing towards it. But, I'm trying to take my time. I've slowly lost this weight (between 10 and 13 pounds depending on the scale) over the course of several months, so hopefully I'll find motivation to exercise in there somewhere. And before several more months go by...

    1. Just 5 minutes a day is a good start. You can do it, Kaceyamanda! Take those puppies for a jog and it will be playing AND a workout. ♥

  2. I think that is a great plan! I'm all for getting things done, but sometimes a little break is deserved...but as long as you stick to the "1 thing" a day rule, you'll be there in no time!

    1. Thanks Jackie! You guys are going to beat us to the punch, but I guess it's not a race. Get out there and tell us all the cool places to visit!

    2. Who took that gorgeous photo?


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