Lazy Jack Bag? Check!

So a while back I mentioned that a new Lazy Jack bag was in the works.  While it's taken me ages to do the update, it only took a week to do the project!  (I did it in the afternoons, after work, so not even close to a full week's worth of hours) That is so much faster than I thought this dreaded project would go.  It looked so intricate hanging on the boat - and it was!
Original bag - even has a patch where the Moorings logo was, eons ago.

The sail bag is attached to the boom and holds the main sail - protecting it from sun and rain, etc.  Yet, because it's made from Sunbrella, it will still breathe, preventing mildew of the sail.  While we plan to replace our main sail before we leave, we need to keep the one we have in good shape to use as a spare - and the bag will definitely be used for the next sail, too.

Fortunately, I was able to remove the old bag and use it as a template for the new one.  Keep in mind, all of my sewing projects are new to me - so every time I do something, it's pretty much the first time I've done anything like it.  So this is in no way a "How To" blog post.  More of an "if I can do it, anyone can do it" blog post.  I just rely heavily on Youtube and a few books I picked up cheap online.
Laying out the old bag to use as a template.
The original bag was in much worse shape than we realized.  While we knew it was dry rotted, we had no idea how many repairs and patches had been done over the years - until I took it apart and had to figure out what was part of the actual bag design and what was just add-ons over the years...

The main thing I've learned as I do these projects is that everything is custom.  The upside?  You can't really do it "wrong."  If it works for your boat - well, then it's right!  I like to be right.  Just ask Mark.



Because it's a "custom" project, I was able to add extra reinforcement in places where I noticed wear on the original bag.  I am really happy with the outcome.  I am also so relieved this project is over - and have already moved on to the next one:  Cockpit cushions!  Stay tuned :)


  1. Lovely improvement! The color scheme y'all are working with now is so pretty.

    1. Thank you, Kaceyamanda! I love it. She's a much happier boat these days :) Cant wait to get those cockpit cushions in.

  2. I like how the font on the blog matches the new colors on Lunasea!
    Looking forward to seeing everything in person, up close!

    1. Thanks, Beulah! It's almost like I planned it that way... ;)

  3. Looks FANTASTIC! Nice job, you're light years ahead of me in the sewing department :)

    1. Thanks! I just kind of have to jump in there and figure it out as I go :) "Necessity is the teacher of sewing" - that's a quote, right...?


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