Hanging out for the holiday

Mark sorted out our dinghy davit set up.
Still needs a few parts.  What boat project doesn't?
 Last week was Thanksgiving, and we both had the week off!  But, alas no sailing...

I had a minor surgery on Monday and was in the hospital overnight.  Nothing major, but it left me pretty useless for the rest of the week.  And required Mark to take a couple of extra days off before Thanksgiving.  But it was another box checked off of our Things To Do list.  (No boat babies here, y'all!)

While we didn't have any pressing projects, Mark did manage to tick off several small projects from the never-ending list:
Replaced the 12v single car charger style outlet in the nav station
 with a dual outlet that includes a dual USB outlet.

Finalized his design and practically finished the build that involved moving most of our tools from the aft port cabin (aka The Garage) to the forward cabin closet on the starboard side.  This moved a serious amount of weight forward and to the other side - which was really needed.  It's so easy to just pile everything in The Garage, but that means we end up lopsided.  Ain't nobody got time for lopsided.  He still has to tweak the way the tools are secured...
My clothes moved from the fwd closet to this closet in
The Garage.  I moved these a week or so ago.  Don't worry.
I also have the closet in the other aft cabin... ;)
Yesterday I was feeling froggy and picked up
this sweet fabric/dingleberry trim for an upcoming
Tacky Christmas Party.  I might have made a dress.
It might be glorious.
Our daughter came over Thursday and hung out for lunch.  We had a good visit, as always.  It was gorgeous outside, so we were even able to hang out a good bit in the cockpit.  Ok, maybe I napped while they chatted, but still - it was a good day.

We don't normally participate in all of the Black Friday shenanigans, but we're cheap and can't turn down a good deal.  I managed to pick up a new grill via West Marine's sale for about $50 or so less than normal.  Ours was a hand-me-down and has hung in there - but it's slowly rusting away.  We also snagged one or two other things we'd already been eyeballing, but didn't get crazy.  

Saturday I got a burst of energy and defrosted the fridge/freezer.  If you are on a boat, you know what this means.  If not, and you were defrosting fridges in the 80's - it's pretty much the same thing...  Not fun, but necessary.  And I felt accomplished, so I took a well earned nap while Mark did his normal 50 mile Saturday morning bike ride.

So what's next around here?  Well a few days after our Tacky party, we'll be heading off to St. Thomas/St. John for a week.  No.  We wont be taking the boat, but we will be cramming in as much as possible into our WeekofBliss.  This year is our 20th anniversary (I was 12 when we got married), and we'll be spending the month fully enjoying ourselves - starting with this trip to the islands.  Looking forward to finally checking out Pizza Pi! We've been stalking them via FB for ages.  

Who's going to be in the islands at the same time?  We'd love to hang out and grab a drink!  Or if you've been there, please comment on your favorite places/things to do.  We are fairly active, so diving and SUPping are definitely already on the list - but where should we do these things?


  1. What a WONDERFUL WEEK (surgery pain excluded) ! ! ! Ya'll are really doing it right ! ! ! I hope life is always GOOD .......Ma/Candy



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