Day of Rest

I think it's officially Fall in Savannah...
You won't see that much around here these days - a Day of Rest.  
We both have so much going on.  We are both working (granted my "official" job is only 15 hrs/week...) we both have projects we are in charge of for Luna, and we both have things like yoga, bicycle riding and paddle boarding that we like to squeeze in a few times a week, or as often as possible.
This is the "Gray" - no pic of "Gorgeous"
We were too busy enjoying it for pics.
This weekend was a mix of gorgeous and gray.  Saturday, also Mark's birthday, was gorgeous and 85.  He rode his bike around the islands for a couple of hours then worked on the boat while I made his surprise birthday cake and worked on the dodger at the condo.  Then we grabbed a pizza and beer lunch (also weird for us in this healthy boat) and went for a paddle on our SUP's.  We ended the night having dinner with our daughter and some friends.  It was a good, active, productive day.
Dark Chocolate Cake with Peanutbutter Swiss Buttercream...
But that's about as relaxed as we get normally.  Boat projects, exercise, and very little down time.  That all changed when we woke up to the cold front Sunday.

There was a 20 degree drop between Saturday and Sunday as a wave of nasty rolled into Savannah.  The forecast was for a continual decrease in temps for the next 24 hours.  We went from 85 to 60.  I don'l like 60.  Mark doesn't like 60.  The dogs don't like 60.  We ALL stayed bundled up below decks all day.  Seriously.  I never left the boat.  Mark was kind enough to walk the dogs.  They wore their coats.  We are all 4 cold weather wimps.

We ate leftover pizza for breakfast.  And leftover Japanese for lunch.  And leftover cake throughout the day.  Thankfully we only brought one large piece home, so we couldn't actually go into a sugar coma.  That cake is a dangerous balance of salty peanut butter/rich dark cocoa and straight up sugar.  There's a reason I don't bake at home very often.  We can't really get fat - we won't fit through our narrow boat doorways...

Lest anyone worry we were not at least a little bit productive, Mark tackled a broken light in our cabin.  One of the few things he is not really comfortable working with is electricity.  But a wire had broken free and had to be fixed or the light had to be replaced.  If you've ever priced marine quality light fixtures, you know why we chose to fix the light.  Cha-ching.
That's Molly back there - curled up and hiding
in her blanket. 

Got it soldered, but does it work?
It took him a while to figure it out, but he, of course, successfully completed the project.
I managed to keep food on the table and clean one of the heads (bathroom).  And catch up on some blog posts. When the wifi was cooperative.  The bad part of being hunkered down during nasty weather is that the wifi here at the Marina is not always up to par.  I guess it's just good practice for when we leave one day.

That was it for productivity though.  We spent the entire rest of the day in the salon watching Netflix.  Hours and hours of Netflix. But our batteries are recharged and it's time to get back to work!

I hope your weekends were great, wherever you were and whatever you were doing.  Thanks for following along on this crazy journey we're working on!


  1. I want that cake. Seriously want it. Peanut butter and dark chocolate - yummo. I'd lock your doors if I were you because someone my break in and try to steal some of it.

  2. Hi Luna Sea ! We've been following you off and on for awhile now but we've just come back from 6 months of cruising and I finally have reliable internet and can really sit down and catch up on blog reading. Sailing Totem has a great article this week on how to speed up internet that I wish I'd read before cruising this last year. Being stuck in port with weak wifi is the pits ! Foggy or not, you're in a beautiful part of the world there. Enjoy !

    1. Hey Mareda - thanks for checking us out :)

      I'm pretty sure I read that blog, but I will go review it. Maybe I'm not doing something right... but we do have a booster, etc. It's just the source of the internet here is wonky and seems to billow in the wind. And I can't control the source, unfortunately.

      We DO love it here - and are certainly trying to soak as much of this gorgeous part of the world up as possible before we set sail one day!


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