One Step Closer...

While it may not seem like a huge step, it is a significant (potentially life saving) step for us.

We headed up to Chattanooga for the weekend - he went camping/mtn biking with the boys and I stayed with a friend and her husband and got my craft on.  It was a great weekend all around.  On the way home we decided we'd stop in Macon to check out Divers Supply.

Diver's Supply is a  giant  SCUBA supply store - boasting that it's the biggest in the area.  (They laughingly admitted they were the ONLY scuba store in the area when we called 'em on it.)  We really just planned to poke around and see if there were any good deals going on.  We've been diving for 19 years on gear picked up (very used) at a pawn shop.  Since we've had it for 2 decades, and it was broken in when we got it - I have no idea how old it actually is.  Most of it is still in great working condition - and as our lives depend on it when we're diving, that's a good thing.  Unfortunately, last summer my BC sprung a leak.  A BC is a buoyancy compensator - and is basically the vest that you see divers wearing.  The air tank attaches to the back, and the regulator (that crucial hose that sends air to your mouth) is tied in as well.  The BC is inflatable and helps you maintain neutral buoyancy while under water.  Needless to say, when your BC has a leak, there's a problem.
This little beauty is mine.

Just so happens Diver's Supply is a ScubaPro dealer - and we've had our eyes on some ScubaPro gear for quite some time.  And after this weekend's little shopping spree, I can now lay my eyes on that gear anytime I want.  Yes - we grabbed 2 complete sets of new gear, and we're thrilled!  I can't wait to use it - I may even put it all on and go jump in the pool just to try it out.  Our next big dive trip is not scheduled until December and I really don't think I'll be waiting that long to test it all out.  The only thing we're missing is dive computers.  We'll add those soon - but we needed to put in some more research on that subject.

So glad to have the new gear - and I can only hope that this gear holds up as well as the pawn shop sets did.  Because it's ScubaPro - I'm pretty sure we'll easily get decades of use!


  1. New gear is fun! And hopefully SO much safer than decades-old, used, broken gear.
    Will there be a crafting area on the Cat? :)

  2. We're looking at the 4 room versions, so I'd say so! (Our definition of "craft" may have to somewhat shift...)


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