Saloon or Salon?

Hey guys!

Not a lot going on boat-wise this week.  I've got a little birdie offering to get me on a Lagoon 380 for a peek.  This one is not for sale, but I'd certainly like to see the layout.  We're at that crucial point where we're trying to decide if a 38' is big enough, or if we should suck it up and go for a 40'.

We're strongly leaning toward casual chartering/liveaboard.  Not a "oh crap we've gotta fill the calendar" sort of chartering - more of a "hey, my friend says you do tours" sort of way.  Laid back 1/2 day, full day, or dinner tours - with MackDaddy food, of course.

If that plan holds, we would like to have a little more space in the Salon.  Or is it saloon?  I see it both ways, and I've gotta say it drives me nuts.  Either way, it's technically the dining/hang out area inside the boat.    Of course, the maximum number of paying guests at any one time is 6, so maybe the right 38' would work.

See - I told you there's not much going on this week.

I think I'll take advantage of the short news day to let you know that I love comments (feel free to chime in below!) and it would be great if you would follow this blog.  There are at least 4 ways to keep up with updates - just scroll along the right and left columns here and choose whichever one works for you.  I'd hate for you to miss something important - you know, when we start getting a little more adventurous and junk.

Thanks for reading!


  1. You're welcome! And I'd love to charter an excursion with you...let me know when you're open for business. :)

  2. I will certainly save you guys a spot! I'll need guinea pigs in the early days, and I promise those early days will be "interesting"!


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