Secret Diving

A lot of people don't realize you can actually SCUBA dive out of Savannah.  I know - there's a giant shelf out there.  It keeps the water shallow  (and just happens to protect us from hurricanes).  We also have a few rivers feeding into the ocean, creating healthy estuaries along the shore.  This water is chock full of all kinds of things - and if you go out just far enough, you can see it!
I had an event to go to yesterday, but that didn't keep Honey Pie from going out.  Not only do we have diving off shore - we have wreck diving!  So the gang settled in for the 2 hour ride to the wrecks.  They headed out in what were reported to be 1' seas.

Too bad the weather forecast was completely off.  Somehow the weather man missed the giant band of storms heading in from the SE.  Seas were closer to 4' to 6'.  Some of the gang is already prone to sea sickness, so you can imagine a 25' boat in 5' chop for 2 hours was not what they were hoping for.

The first stop was a bust - but they rallied and headed to the next wreck.  The good thing about diving in chop is that as soon as you descend it calms down.  Bye bye seasickness, hello freaky sea creatures!   Thankfully H.P. is a camera fiend underwater and we've got several to share.

I think it's time to buy one of those fish identifying books!


  1. How cool!!! What beautiful pics...too bad you had to miss it. See you in a few!!! Yay! :)

  2. Wow thats really interesting!! I had no idea you could see that much in the water off Savanner!


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