Another First - a weekend in pictures.

We had another First this weekend - we headed out to meet some friends in Wassaw Creek to raft up for an over-night trip.  We've done one over-nighter before, but we were alone.
Saturday morning Mark headed off for his 60 mile bicycle ride while I prepped for the boat then we grabbed a quick lunch and loaded up.  Our friends on Tammy Ann headed out an hour or two before us, so we just shoved off when we were ready and headed their way.  The winds were light, we motored most of the way.

We headed down the river, into the ocean then around Wassaw and in at Odingsell.  It took about 4 hours - and we didn't go that far, via a map.  But it was a great distance for an easy, relaxing overnight.
We got rafted up to our friends and settled in with drinks and a snack in plenty of time to enjoy the setting sun.

The first time we've rafted up - they had their anchor out and we were just tied to them.  Made for a peaceful night of sleep - the anchor was their responsibility!

As gorgeous as that sunset was, I enjoyed the misty, foggy morning almost as much.  (Minus the sand gnat swarms...)

Our single, unknown  neighbor - a hefty catamaran down the creek a-ways.

After a shared brunch, we all packed up and shoved off around noon to head back.  Still light winds, but a little more sailing.
The deepest part of the channel runs right along the beach - had to really hug it during low tide.  It completely throws me off when that happens - you would think it would be shallow there.

Tammy Ann cruising along under sail power.

Libby is feeling much better this week.

THIS is Heeling.  This is what makes me nervous.  But it was much better this weekend.  Only one pouf of air that really pushed us over.  (This is not our boat - just a shot of someone else that is a good demonstration)

More heeling

We were being stalked back to the marina.

These guys flew right up to the pod, then wondered where the went...  (they were behind the boat - the dark section 1/3 of the way between the edge of the photo and the boat.)  You are not supposed to drive within around 50 yards of the dolphins.  They can come up to you, but you're not supposed to go up to them.  Silly power boaters.  

I've noticed an unfortunate pattern.  When we have a hard time leaving the dock, it's a breeze getting back in.  This weekend it was a breeze leaving and a bugger getting back in.  Oh well, no boats were hurt, we just entertained the folks at the dock for a while.


  1. Nice photos! The misty morning shots I can almost FEEL the atmosphere! (aren't there sand gnat swarms at sunset AND morning?) THAT shot of Tammy Ann in the breeze with the cartoony clouds above is killer, the one just before Libby Lou (I'm glad she's feeling better btw. She looks like she's chillin', maybe just woke up and still groggy being the worst of her troubles) So cool how often you see dolphins. (sharks too?
    gators?) Congrats on your first raft up & presumably a very good nights sleep out there.

    1. Yeah, there are gnats anytime it's nice outside. I will figure out someway to enjoy our cockpit without them! A breeze always works, but when there's no breeze it's a bite-fest.
      Libby is perpetually just waking up. They have rough puppy lives, and had just enjoyed another nap in the sun. :)
      Thanks! I loved the clouds and was thrilled when we were at a good angle to get this shot.

  2. Hi,

    I have read a couple of times that the heeling makes you nervous. Mark has been sailing for years. Not much rattles him. Me, not so much. I would worry as winds picked up and whistled through the rigging. Trust me when I say, it goes away over time. You will come to have faith in your boat and realize it takes an awful awful awful lot to knock you over. I figure my chances of winning the lottery are better than having to get into our lift raft. If I win the lottery, I'll worry. Every mile you sail you will grow your confidence level. Baby steps. Keep pushing your comfort limits.

    Oh, and that docking thing ~ as I said, Mark has sailed for years. I once watched as he entered the slip. He hit the dock so hard he knocked the dock box off and it rolled into the water on the other side of the dock. I was at the bow and almost followed the dock box. I heard a roar of laughter from the other sailors on our dock and looked back to see Mark taking a bow and lifting his hat. He's attitude is, if he can break it, it can be fixed. No worries.


    ps - Love the pink

    1. Thanks, Cindy! What a great way to look at it - if I break it, it can be fixed. I break a lot of things... :)
      The heeling is getting much better - I was much more relaxed with it this weekend. You're right, the more I do it, the easier it gets. It is completely a matter of trust. And I'm starting to trust the boat more.

  3. Great blog! It's so good to know someone else has the same feelings about heeling that I have! I know intellectually that it is okay when the boat gets tippy and that it won't roll over, but I still sometimes fear that we'll tip over too far. I'm working on it though.


    1. Thanks, Ellen!
      Yes, it is certainly an irrational fear - we barely get winds over 12k here, with occasional gusts. But it's still nerve racking for now. It's getting better with time!
      I'm glad you can relate - that's exactly why I'm trying to stay honest here and let everyone know how things are going. It's not all sunshine and roses, but it sure is fun!
      Thanks for following along - and especially for chiming in!

  4. The pics are GREAT, looks like ya'll had a very peaceful, beautiful weekend. I love the pics of allllll
    the clouds, do i see some oil in your future?? Lovely :)

    1. I've given up the oil paints - too toxic. But maybe an acrylic when I have painting time again. One day...

  5. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! Beautiful pics...

  6. Wow, what beautiful sunrise and sunset photos! I've heard of people rafting up at anchor, but surprisingly it's something we've never done before. I might have to wait until we meet up with on old buddy boat or make a new one and try that. It looks like one big slumber party!


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