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Ever have a diary or something when you were a kid - and then go back and read is ages later?  Yeah, well, I didn't.  I'm not the diary type.  And I'm not a hoarder, so even if I did have one, it would be long gone by now. But I get a kick out of writing this blog and reading the zillions I follow.  Because of that, and because I was bored last year and wanted a healthy place to focus my attention (the couch gets really boring sometimes.) I started a now-defunct blog - Balance Your Journey.  It had healthy posts about exercise and eating with a vegan recipe or two and some crazy new exercise trends I was trying when I wasn't sitting on the couch.  But the interesting part (to me, a year later) was the page someone asked me to write explaining a little bit about myself.  I've posted it below - and added updates to it out to the side.  
Where to begin?  How about with that title up there.  Balance Your Journey.  Isn't that what life is all about? I think so - I'm a big fan of balance.  From the literal to the figurative, I try to balance all aspects in my life. 

A little about me:
  1. I'm a fitness instructor - yoga, pilates and TRX (how's that for literal?)
  2. I love to hang out on the water - particularly on the SUP 
  3. I am an artist - I love photography, painting and hand dying silk scarves
  4. I'm newly Vegan. 
  5. I am in culinary school - just for fun! 
  6. I love to learn new things
  7. I am currently studying/training for my 200hr yoga teacher certification 
  8. I am the 2nd of 6 crazy kids - thus bossy and opinionated
  9. I am ridiculously frugal
  10. I LOVE travel!
  11. I am quite the bookworm
  12. I have a fabulous husband, step-daughter and 2 weenies

1- I am always looking for new, fun ways to be fit!  I'll be sure to post new fads/ideas/gizmos as I run across them. (and water aerobics and Senior Chair Fitness)
2 - SUP is one of those crazy fun ways to stay in shape while soaking in the beauty of Savannah, GA - and anywhere else I drag that big ole board.
3 - I'll be sure to post new ideas/projects/crafts!  There's a link up there to my Etsy shop.  I also sell my silk scarves at Red Clover Boutique in Savannah, GA.  (now this shop is only hand dyed cotton - currently working on a nautical themed jewelry shop!)
4 - I don't know how long that will last, but I'll share recipes while I try out this new lifestyle.   (that lasted until Thanksgiving, when I had a wild fling with ham and began a long-term affair with dairy)
5 - I absolutely love food.  I love to cook it, eat it and share it!   (yep, still there - in the never-ending "you only need 10 classes!" program)
6 - See 5 and 7  
7 - Namaste, y'all!  (Dude.  That is EXPENSIVE.  I am 1/2 way done but figure I can do a full training on an island in Costa Rica one day if the urge strikes.  For now, I'm perfectly happy teaching yoga in a gym setting under my gym certifications and a half finished YogaFit cert.)
8 - For some reason people always ask my opinion on things.  I don't really know why, other than I always have one.  But I try to stay open to new things, so those opinions do change as I learn and grow.  I think this is the primary reason for creating this blog - so I can share the answers to the questions I get asked the most.  (I guess I ran out of new things.  Or went back to work.)
9 - I am always looking for ways to save money!  It's like a game.  I'll be posting tips as I find them - and would love to hear of yours!  (pretty sure this will Never change.)
10 - Sure, I like to save money - but life is all about the experiences we accumulate while we're here on this gorgeous planet!  So I may not be the flashiest dresser - but I have a pretty impressive passport :)
11 - I also LOVE to read!  I'll be posting good reads as I run across them.  I'm a big fan of Historical Fiction, spirituality, healthy lifestyle, mystery, and even trashy beach romance novels.  
12 - I have the coolest family ever.  

So there you have it.  A brief summary.  Have questions?  Just comment or send me a message.  You can also Like my page on Facebook, or Follow this blog to stay up to date.  (good luck finding that FB page.  But you can follow this one!)  

Thanks for visiting!  


  1. I *do* write a journal, and keep them all! So I understand the flashback scenario. It's always fun and sometimes just funny. "Oh, look, I thought I knew what I was doing! Life said NOT."


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