Sunday - Up the Mast - and other small projects

We headed off to Luna Sea late this morning to finish off a few projects and visit with friends and boat neighbors.

I covered the ports in the salon with some static cling window vinyl stuff - my version of curtains.  Here's a pic of Mark working on a template - most of the windows were simple, but two of them were fairly challenging.  Not that we're perfectionists or anything...

One of the easier lights
Then I headed on up the mast for some de-rustification.  (That's a word, right?)  Translation: I strapped on that adorable bosun's chair, hooked into the main halyard, and Mark had the privilege of winching me on up.  He only complained a little - and was smart enough to choose his words carefully.  

On up to the top to check out the burned out anchor light

Figured I oughta take a couple of shots from above - here's that .29 mile hike I used to whine about allllll the way to the parking lot.

We need a pirate flag.  I should add it to that ever-growing list...

There's Mark's noggin' poking out from under the boom. 
So that whole mast event was really fun.  I was even able to swing around a little and pretend I was an acrobat.  Maybe I should add an electric winch to the list so I can talk Mark into sending me up there more often.

Mark also hung up the safety net to keep the wiener's from sliding off the boat - but I forgot to take pics. (It's always best to keep your wieners contained.)  I'll just have to post on that another time.  Happy Sunday!


  1. Just found your new blog...congrats on the boat!!!! You look great up on that mast, like a true sailor. :) Have missed you...hope all is well with you both.

    1. Thanks! Happy to see your smiling face online again :) Was just thinking about you the other day - you know, over at your blog (hint hint).

  2. Looks like you two had a good time, the windows look WONDERFUL love the print like fish scales :).
    Yes, ofcourse "derustification" is a perfect word. :) If ANYBODY needs a pirate flag ya'll do ;)

    1. Thanks! The window film is supposed to be peacock pattern, but it definitely looks more like fish scales :)

  3. So awesome! Love the pictures from the mast. :)


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