Cold, Wet, Slimy and Covered with Critters

Cold, Wet, Slimy and Covered with Critters

That's how I spent my Friday, scraping the bottom once again. I have always been a confident SCUBA diver, but with the strong currents, near zero visibility, close quarters with other boats, the dock, oyster beds, etc. I am still not totally comfortable while doing this wonderful chore.
What’s not to love….. Right!

We have been told by several folks in the area that the nutrient rich waters of our local estuaries makes for steroid like bottom growth rates and now I believe them. In the last 3-4 weeks, we managed to get 100% coverage on our prop (mostly barnacles and small oysters), and an almost solid 3/16 inch thick layer of brown “stuff”. I don’t know what the brown “stuff” is, but it has an extremely gross consistency/texture and after removing sq. yard after sq. yard, I am completely covered with tiny critters???? Don’t know what they are, don’t really care, just wish they wouldn't cover the boat.

Perhaps we just need to sail more often and let the water movement clean the bottom. At least it was sunny and 78 degrees when I emerged from my now second least favorite boat chore.

For everyone’s sake, I didn't bother strapping on the Go Pro, so no pics or video to post.

S/V Luna Sea 


  1. Do those things cut your hands while you are working with them??? At least it was warm above the water. Ch :)

  2. Mark,

    One word: Coppercoat

    If you never want to dive and scrub the bottom again for 10 years, there is a solution that works: http://coppercoatusa.com/

    The key to the product is to apply it or have it applied correctly. It can be a do it yourself project. You may wish to do a water barrier epoxy prior to the Coppercoat for added protection against blisters.


    Mark and Cindy
    s/v Cream Puff


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