Fernandina Beach/ Amelia Island - day... 4?

There were two options for anchorage last night -
one to the left of the mooring balls and a short jaunt to the dinghy dock, and the other was to the far right of the mooring balls (a big field of them) and a longer ride to the dinghy dock.  We tried going to the left, but with our 6'4" draft, we ended up dropping anchor on the north (right) end.  The dinghy ride was a little longer, but as we spent 2 nights anchored here, the security of the deeper water was worth it.
We woke up bright and early to go explore Amelia Island/Fernandina Beach.  We hopped over to the dinghy dock ($3/day) and set out.  The puppies we very excited - at least until they realized it was a 1.8 mile walk to the beach - one way.  The humans loved it, but Molly and Libby insisted on being carried part of the way back as well as taking a break at one of the many benches along the sidewalk.
View from a bench
The beach was beautiful and practically empty.  I have been searching for shells to use in my jewelry and found a particularly cool one to use as a pendant.  We'd packed a backpack before heading out so we could lug our laptop and the "real" camera with us - so I whipped out the camera to take some beach shots.  Too bad the SD card was not in the camera.  :(  I used the phone instead (I have a particularly strong dislike of using phone shots on the blog, but it happens from time to time), then we headed to the Comfort Station (that's apparently how they refer to the restrooms here...) and shed some layers of clothing for the trek back.  We stopped at Peppers - a Mexican restaurant with a patio, so we could bring the dogs - and free wifi so we could plan the next leg of our trip.  And delicious "skinny" margaritas.  Have you guys seen these on menus?  They are just using orange/lime juice and agave instead of gross, fake margarita mix.  They are delicious and apparently lower calorie.  I just get them because they don't have a million chemicals in them.  Unless you count the tequila, which is all natural, so I don't.  Over veggie fajitas (her) and chicken fajitas (him and them) we plotted our course for Wednesday.  It's a trip down the ICW, past Jacksonville and likely on to St. Augustine.  We've been to St. Augustine a million times via car, as it's only a few hours from Savannah, but never by boat, so we'll see how it goes.  I'm thinking anchor, dinner, sleep, travel on.
Of course, as I pulled out the laptop I remembered that, duh - I have the laptop.  That's where I left the SD card - when I was uploading pics to the blog.  AND  of course, being the responsible photographer, I also remember that that little container velcro-ed to my camera strap?  Yeah, it has at least one back up SD card in it.  Yet I used my phone camera.  *Palm to forehead. We had a good laugh over lunch. 
After lunch we headed to the marine store - and while they have loads of things, they didn't have the few little gizmos we were wanting.  No big deal - just wants, not needs.  Then we ran the puppies back to the boat for their naps while we continued to explore Amelia Island.  It's pretty small.

Pirates everywhere.  We liked it alot - and they have pretty good gelato in the coffee shop.
"go stand by the pirate" apparently means "go block the pirate from view"  Oh well, Mark's cuter than the statue

Also some cute little art shops.  And loads of touristy trinket souvenir shops. :/ 


There are also loads of little alley way cafes and pubs here.

 I wanted to try out 29 South - a local restaurant that uses locally sourced foods,  but we had leftovers, so we headed back to the boat to eat and to crash.  Maybe we'll have a chance to eat there on our way back North. 

We still had enough sun for Mark and Molly to get in a paddle and for me to lounge on deck and soak up some rays.  But it gets cold and dark early, and we get pooped sailing, so it's been early nights and early mornings for us. 

This boat was coming into anchor while I was lounging on deck.  When we replace our sails one day, I'd like to use bright colors (even though they're usually reserved for spinnakers.)  
Nausea Update:

Since halfway thru day 1, I have been wearing one earplug in my non-dominate ear (per the Women Who Sail FB group's advice) and although I was skeptical, it seems to be working.  I know that I forgot to put it back in after a shower and a few hours later noticed I was nauseous again.  Certainly better than Dramamine that makes me sleep and Bonine, which works, but makes me a little loopy.  I love theWWS group  :)


  1. The up date is fascinating and the pics are sooooo good and what is a "spinnaker"? glad you are having such fun and SHARING it :) Please continue ;)
    candy :)

  2. What a great shot of Molly on the SUP! I can't wait until we get our SUPs out to some clean water. I hope Betsy will be able to ride along just like Molly! Gunner is surely too big to fit on there with me :)
    Also, I'm thrilled to hear about your experiment with the ear plug trick! I've been wanting to try it out as well but Charlotte Harbor doesn't have enough action to make me sick. I suppose I could always ban myself to the galley while underway and give it a shot then ;) We will be adding extra ear plugs to the provisioning list for SURE!


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