What day is it?

We say that around here a lot.  It's Wednesday, however, and we are heading south towards St. Augustine in the ICW (Intracoastal Waterway). 
We pulled up anchor and set off at 8:30am.  It's pretty and the sun is out, but it's kinda peaceful/calm/dull and we are both ready to be somewhere.  I think we expect quiet solitude in the ocean, but being in the various rivers surrounded by homes and businesses is kind of more isolating for me, in an odd way.  There are giant houses in the part of the waterway we're currently cruising through.  Mark keeps putting up the genoa and trying to sail, but it's just not happening here.   I may try reading again, but sometimes it ignites that nagging nausea and I hate to ruin my streak of feeling good. 

Mark is now spying on people with the binoculars.  At least in the ocean he can play with sails and make the boat go fast, etc.  He has the attention span of a gnat.  It's very entertaining to me.  But he's motoring on down the ICW without complaints, and we heard today a promise of temps in the low 80's for this weekend.  So we push on to a place of anchorage and food and land.  We have always thought of the boat as a way to get from point A to point B - and this quiet day through the ICW is reinforcing that - for me, at least.  I do love it.  But I don't know if I could just aimlessly bob around in the sea.  I had a blast exploring Fernandina/Amelia Island and am looking forward to our next stop.  We are currently 16nm to St. Augustine - roughly 3 hrs, just in time to anchor before sunset.  It's like we planned it or something.    

Update - we anchored just north of St. Augustine and ate at a fabulous riverfront restaurant - Cap's on the Water.  I couldn't decide what to get so I had 2 appetizers - an eggplant/tomato/mozzarella stack and a spicy calamari on a bed of fried spinach.  Mark had a fried shrimp dinner.  Everything was amazingly good - even the coleslaw was ridiculously good.  We were too hungry and too happy with our food to take a picture before, but I managed to get a pic of dessert (when you are too full from dinner to have dessert, that does NOT mean you should skip it.  You should just get it to go!)

We had a good, quiet anchorage and got a good night's sleep before heading the rest of the way into St. Augustine and getting a slip at the Municipal dock.  

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  1. Isn't it great not knowing what day it is? Even better not knowing what time it is!
    Love your philosophy on dessert to go :) It makes for such a nice midnight snack!!


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