Bits and Pieces - small projects completed

I realize I haven't written in a while.  Sometimes there's just no news.  Other times I'm just swamped with life and can't get around to it.  Lately it's been the latter.

I started a new job at a brand new local bakery - and I'm having a blast.  It's a much better fit for me than the school I was working at earlier in the semester.

In the meantime - we've finished the back cushions in the salon!
 If you remember, we made the base cushions and covered them this summer.  Not a small project to tackle while learning to use our new Sailrite - but it's done!  And now we've remade all of the back cushions and just this week finished making the cover for the very last one.  There will be a separate post on that.

We also managed to actually finish some other small projects over the last month or so:

The original disgusting and slippery/dangerous companionway steps

During the removal - the fist and last step came right off.  The other two needed a hammer and chisel...  Seriously.
Done!  And the best part?  It's not $120 worth of "marine" material - it's a $14 yoga mat!  And only half of a mat at that - so it'll even be possible to replace this (waterproof, antimicrobial, super-comfy/traction-y) material AGAIN if we need to.  :)  

New faucet in the aft head - as well as the newly mosaic-ed mirror.  
Only pic I've found that kinda shows the fwd head.  Look at the right to see original configuration of sink. 
Forward head with new faucet and new/decorated mirror.

2nd mirror in forward head.
Fwd head with soap dispenser installed in the newly available hole - thanks to the new combo faucet/knob.


  1. OH MY WORD ! ! ! ! I didn't realize there were two bathrooms,.......I CAN HARDLY WAIT TO SEE THE BOAT ! ! ! ! ! THe bathrooms look GREAT and those steps HAD to be a Bugger to get done. Thanks for the update. :)

  2. Fabulous updates! It's amazing what big changes those things can make. Love it.


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