One Last Hurrah: Dominican Republic, here we come!

We're heading out before you know it for the Dominican Republic!  By plane.  Luna Sea will be hanging out in her slip, all hunkered down to suffer through the cold while we enjoy 8 beautiful days in the Dominican Republic.

This is very likely our last typical vacation before we sail away.  We're staying at an all-inclusive and have a car.  Why in the world are we staying at an all-inclusive?  We always travel around Christmas. It's just what we do.  It's paid vacation time.  It's anniversary time. (Our 19th this year!  What!?!)  And every other year we travel with friends.  This summer, as we were plotting our Christmas travel (Christmas travel is EXPENSIVE, y'all.  Gotta plan/book that shiznit early to get good prices) with our friends, we realized they've never been to an all inclusive.  We've only been to one - a couple of years ago when we hit up Cozumel for my 40th bday.  Since we're always looking for new things to try, we wanted them to experience an all inclusive - and research said DR was an affordable place to do one.  It's also a place that the 4 of us have never been.  So it was on!  DR for Xmas 2014!  I booked a great package for Mark and I, but Lori and Sean held off for a bit.  Unfortunately, life happened and they won't end up joining us this year.  But we'd be traveling regardless, so we're going to suffer through and travel on our own for 8 days.  ;)

So here's where we need YOUR help.  What should we do while we're there?!?  I know about the 27 (or is it 23?) waterfalls and absolutely want to explore them.  Unfortunately they appear to be 4 hrs away by car (up near Puerto Plata) and I don't know that we'll spend 8 hrs in the car as well as hike and play in the waterfalls all in one day.  Perhaps it should be on our return by boat - and we can just make sure we hit the north side of the island...?

We will be diving at least a couple of days.  We'll be in the Bayahibe area - specifically for the nearby, and from what we've read FABULOUS, diving opportunities.

Here's what I want to add to the list:

* Restaurants - can you recommend some great, local, preferably NOT touristy food?  (unless the best food also happens to be a touristy location, as happened to be the case in St. Croix...)

* More adventures!  - we've got the waterfalls**on the "potential" list, but what other outdoor adventures can we find?  Is there good shore diving?  If so, where?  Is there good shore snorkeling?  We'll do that, too!  Just tell me where to go and we'll check it out.  Are there other waterfalls/hiking places we can go on the south side of the island? Think La Romana, Punta Cana, Santo Domingo.

* Places to give back to the community - is there somewhere we can go and help out, or donate, or volunteer for a day that will impact the area in a positive way?

* SUP'ing - of course I want to rent a couple of paddle boards while we're there and explore.  Any favorite areas you've been that would be good for SUP'ing?

We'll be sure to lounge on the beach and by the pools with bottomless drinks, of course.  And soaking up some sun in this beyond-white skin is a must.  Anything we're missing?  I'm counting on you, readers!

I mentioned above that this is likely our last typical vacation.  No, we're not sailing away in January.  But we are moving into extreme saving mode.  It's almost time to move aboard and sell this condo.  Only one more semester of Culinary School and I'll officially be a chef.  We're already selling off our stuff in the condo.  It's happening, people.  But there is travel in our future - prior to sailing away.  Mark still needs to do his Dive Instructor cert - and that will most likely be a one week (or 10 day-ish) intensive course on some fabulous island. Or southern Florida.  Either way, we'll be traveling for that.  And I may try to sneak in my STCW 95 while we're at it.  If I can find a warm part of the southern US/Caribbean that offers both, it would be ideal.  So only "functional" traveling from here on out.

While I always appreciate your input on the blog, I REALLY want some help here!  So feel free to chime in with any relevant info.  Thanks in advance!

** That's only US$8, if you clicked the link and had a heart attach at what we would be paying to hit those waterfalls...**


  1. How exciting!!! 19th, though?!!?

    1. I know. 19 years of happily wedded bliss. Crazy, huh?

  2. I cannot believe you are about to stay in an all exclusive with a car. This sailing life is about being frugal, not spending cash when you don't have to, living like a hobo. We did exactly the same before we left to go cruising so you go for it and enjoy every second no matter what you decide on. This holiday is for you.

    1. I know. It's crazy. We are getting so far into saving/frugal mode that there is a wee bit of guilt. But I'll have a bottomless mojito on the beach and work through that guilt. ;)

  3. Sorry, no helpful info for the Dominican, just some jealousy about the diving! Do you have a timeline in mind for cutting those dock lines? It's exciting that things are starting to get real!!

    1. We DO have a timeline! But we're waiting on some info that I think we'll have in January in order to really nail it down. And of course, we're keeping it flexible. This is about fun - and being out as long as we can/are having fun, so we want our ducks in a row. Or pelicans. Whatever.


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