Another Lazy Sunday

We headed over to Luna Saturday afternoon and worked on a couple of small projects.  Mark attempted to install a new filter thingamajig for the A/Cs.  Attempted is the key word.  The fitting we had gone to get on the way to the boat was a hair too large on one end.  When I took it to the Ace Hardware here on the islands this morning and explained that it was a "hair too large on one end" I got the typical questioning head tilt.  They don't have the right size.  I'll have to go back to the marine supply tomorrow.  Which is convenient, as the project I was attempting yesterday is also incomplete and I'll need some supplies.

I did manage to finish waterproofing the dodger, then set up the deck shade (this boat came with some pretty awesome accessories) and started on it.  I got almost finished, then had one too many rum drinks and decided to call it a night.  We had a delicious dinner of chips, dip and rum, then crawled into our cozy, yet still not-cut-to-fit bed.
Chips, dip, rum drink, and a sunset over the sewing machine
I got up today with a nice little list of to do's.  1 - finish water proofing, 2 - take the new cozy bed foam out of the boat and cut it to actually fit on the boat... 3 - start playing with some outdoor fabric we purchased weeks ago and see if I can whip up some wench covers with my wimpy, yet functional sewing machine I'd lugged down the dock the day before.  (Just a note: when you are done with a cart, could you maybe return it to the parking lot so other people don't have to carry their crap a mile down to the very, VERY end of the marina by hand?)

1 - ran out of water proofing stuff almost immediately.  Had to table that project until I can get to West Marine - the only place in Savannah that seems to sell the stuff.
2 - yeah - we took a nap instead of measuring/cutting/covering that cozy new bed foam.
3 - managed to get so far as moving the sewing machine from the cockpit to our storage cabin.

A very productive weekend.  I can't imagine what our lives would be like right now if we'd bought a project boat.  We're struggling to stay awake long enough each afternoon just to perform basic maintenance/decorating/cleaning etc.  It's nice though - to know that the boat is completely functional without us doing a lick of work.  And no, we didn't go for a sail - in fact we never even started the engine.
Who needs to leave the dock when this is your view every day?


  1. Hey you, I remember how you liked rocking in the rocking chair, I would be that the rocking of the boat is puttin you to sleep......or it could be all that work. Sounds like ya'll had a WONDERFUL weekend. The pics are GREAT, lovin this. Arnie is really looking forward to getting his computer setup again and keeping up with ya'll too.

  2. I still love my rocking chair! It's one of the few things I really want on the boat, but won't be able to take :(

    Looking forward to hearing from Arnie!


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