Off the radar.

Lori enjoying a bit of seasickness on the bow.

We're still here - I promise!  We went for a sail Sunday - and thankfully dragged a couple of friends along.  It was a bit of a booger getting the boat out of the dock.  All the other sailors keep telling us "of course that's the hardest part!" but I say it's time for a bow thruster.

As soon as we got into the river, the wind was not cooperative.  It was pretty choppy and we only got up to about 4 knots.  We usually hit 7-9.  I hear that's fast, but what do I know?  I know 4 is slow - that's what I know.  It was still a blast - the girls were able to relax on the bow while the boys did the manly sailing part.

Luna bruised me in the shape of a moon.      
She's creative like that.
School has started back - thus my slackassedness at blogging. This semester I have a management class online and some other class that has to do with banquet stuff.  You know, which fork goes where, proper serving etiquette, etc.  As soon as he said we get to learn about wines/wine pairings, I was hooked.  I'm easy.  Just offer me wine and I'll take whatever class they throw at me.  Except Intro to Computers, which I'm trying my darnedest to get out of.  It's going to take a lot more than wine to get me to pay someone to teach me what a monitor is.  (That is apparently the subject matter of Chapter 1.)


  1. We refer to bruises from Cream Puff as "love bumps"

    1. Well, my boat really loves me if this weekend is any indication! :)


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