Sweet Dreams! (part 2)

There was a surprising break in the rain Sunday.  We planned to just run over to the boat to install the new stairs during a dry spell - but the dry spell turned into gorgeousness.  We were able to knock out multiple projects: including finishing up the bed project I started weeks ago.  I left off with the new foam topper just plopped on the pre-existing, original-to-the-boat cushions.  We tried it out for a while, and loved it.  Just needed to have a sunny window to drag all the cushions out onto the dock to cut them to size.  And Viola!  Sunday happened.

Apparently the base boards have been replaced over time.  We will replace them again, with more substantial wood.

The Full size topper was not an exact fit.

There was about a 2" shortage, so I placed that at the foot of the bed.

Thankfully, I realized in time that I needed to flip the cushions over before tracing - the top tapers down to the base.

I barely had anything left, practically a perfect fit after 2 or 3 cuts.

In place, the 2" shortage didn't matter - at all. 

I used the mattress cover that was included with the foam topper - it was a little awkward at first with the weird sized cushions.

Unfortunately, the custom sheets that came with Luna don't fit now...

Had to go with flat sheets for now (also came w/boat!)

Quilt/pillow from Germany

Keeping with our plan to only take things on the boat that are meaningful, I toted our super cool quilt and pillow case to the boat.  We picked them up on a day trip to Freiburg, Germany in 2009.  It will be traveling along with us wherever we go.  I love that thing.  It's kinda ragged, and I frequently have to patch it, but hey, love is blind, right?  It was supposedly made of scraps of material from old sari's in Thailand or something.  My aunt has a purse that matches it EXACTLY.  Purchased in Birmingham, AL, I believe...  I also have a skirt from Asheville, NC that is pretty darn similar.  Oh, well, the salesman had an interesting story and I have a cool quilt.

We headed home after a few more small projects and slept in our "real" bed - so no chance to enjoy the awesomeness that is now our cabin.  I'm sure it will be superb.


  1. well, it looks like you guys had a super cool awesome kind of a day. i love, love, love the pillow and quilt, and the idea with the existing pillows/foam was a stroke of brilliance. of course.

    1. Thanks, Marie! I had to do something - it was like sleeping on sand.


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