No more busting me arse.

So the boat is a little high-sided.  And I'm a little height-challenged.  That makes for a lively event every time I go to exit or enter the boat.  Some neighbors let us borrow a small plastic step stool until we could get/make our own steps.  That resulted in me stepping off the boat, onto the step, and immediately busting my butt on the dock.  Did I mention I'm also graceless?
We've had rain out the yingyang lately, so we figured out which projects we could work on in the condo and the stairs took priority.  

We cheated a little and picked up pre-made risers.  

Then cut to size and attached the stair treads.

We used a spacer to make sure they were all somewhat even.

Mark is a nerd.  ♥ 

Then attached the back legs/supports.  Contrary to previous photo, floating stairs are not practical.

These suckers are heavy.

Best part?  A ramp for the dogs!

The ramp has wooden pegs that fit into the appropriate hole, depending on distance.

And a peg that hooks over the toe rail to keep the boat in place.
 They work great.  We didn't have the dogs with us, as we didn't really plan to hang out all day Sunday.  We'll have to get them trained on their next visit!  Libby has already jumped off the boat onto the dock twice.  That's a long way for a wiener!  Hopefully she takes to the stairs easily and doesn't attempt any more flying escapes.


  1. What a great idea for the dogs! Well, you too... :-) But what I really like is the doggie ramp. Very nice addition to the boarding steps, and something I probably have to do myself when the time comes. Thanks for sharing.


    1. It's been really handy!

      How's that sailing course going?

  2. You both are so handy and clever, love your detailed posts!


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