Big Nasty!

We did it - we finished the new, longer course in the Big Nasty Mud Run x4!  It was my second and Mark's first.  Instead of rambling on about it, I'm just going to give you guys a photo play by play - Mark did a great job of shooting pics on the sly.  Enjoy!
The gang headed in for our wave

Still clean and smiling  :)

Our wave - getting ready to go!

Just the beginning...

Not so smiley anymore

Over, under, over, under

That's a big wall... (way over there on the right.)

Sizing up the wall

Mark lost one of his soles

Particularly stinky tunnel water

Getting a little pooped at this point

Mark lost his second sole.  He's officially soul-less

We made it!

Only one person on the team had to complete this - so I skipped it the first go round.  We went back so I could do it at the end.  It was tough!  (lot's of grunting going on with this one...)

Here's the mudhole Mark lost his second sole in.  He wanted to go for round two.

Rinsing off at the bottom of the slide.  The only way to get remotely clean.
Team Luna Sea survived!  But we're not getting off the couch anytime soon.  Wonder who can deliver us some dinner...


  1. Yaaay! That's awesome. Maybe I can come do the next one- it looks hard but fun. Great pics :-)

  2. yay for you! love the pictures.



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