Change of plans...

As of Friday night I had great, productive plans for Saturday... Mark has to participate in a rescue diver certification course part of each day all weekend - it is the next step in his Dive Master certification. My plans included cutting all the fabric for, and recovering the other cushion in our aft cabin, cutting the memory foam topper for our fwd cabin, and maybe even starting on the fabric cutting for that berth. It was a little industrious considering how slowly I sew with my little sewing machine - but I had  a plan, dammit, and I intended to stick to it.
Meanwhile, Libby had another plan.
Libby is our nine year old little dachshund and she has not been feeling very good for about a week. Yesterday, as Mark was getting ready to head out, her nose started bleeding. A lot.  We did a run down of her symptoms and I did a Google search.
Swollen eyeball
bloody nose
stiffness/general pain
no energy
reverse sneezing - she always does this, but it has been much worse lately
Google said it was likely a tick bite. Or a brain tumor.  Remember that camping trip in the mountains 2 weeks ago? Yeah, me too, so I chose tick bite.
I ended up spending the next couple of hours with her at the emergency vet doing blood work and getting some meds that are apparently the liquid equivalent of diamonds: both expensive and hard to find.
I took her to the condo to make her some pumpkin and rice (she had also quit eating by this point) and to try to get her magic meds into her system.  The liquid diamonds were not so bad, but trying to shove the pain pill down her throat did not go so well.  The first one ended up dissolving before I could get her to swallow it.  Molly ate the second one. (She was getting really jealous of all of the attention Libby was getting amd wanted in on the action. )  I had tried shoving the pill in cheese and peanut butter and even crushing it and putting it in beef broth. I eventually gave up until Mark got home and we could tag team the shoving-down-throat method.
The antibiotics are clearly working. She is not 100% back to normal, but she looks a little less like Steve Buscemi and more like herself. She is also eating again.

That leaves me with a few hours to get a little work done before I have to head out to Tybee Island for a TRX demo I have to give at 2pm. Guess I better get to work! Happy Sunday!


  1. AWWW poor little Libby, pretty traumatic for her and you, soooooooooooooo glad she's doing better ! ! ! !
    I sure hope she's AAALLLLLLLLLL well soon. Diamonds are a little girls best friend ;)

  2. She's much better now. Still not healed all the way, but the meds are clearly doing their job. Still having to hand feed - apparently her (previously bleeding like a stuck pig) nose is very tender and she yelps if it touches her food bowl. So the hand feeding will continue... (she's not spoiled or anything)


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