Trailer, uh, Boat Trash

We don't have a trash can on the boat!  How crazy is that?  Sure I could buy one of those tiny little flip top jobs from the store and find somewhere out of the way (?) to put it, but it would be full in no time, then what?  We end up just recycling the awful plastic shopping bags that we have way too many of (because I always forget to take my reusable bags to the store with me...).  I just tie one of those suckers to a random door knob and we stash our trash in it.  Very classy.

Note trash bag plopped on stairs waiting on the next trip to the marina dumpster.
Solution time!

Early on, I was stashing one of those classy bags in the forward starboard lower cabinet - just under the silverware drawer.  It's an odd shaped space with random things plopped in it haphazardly.  Because the bag was just plopped it there, it was a pain in the ass. You had to open the cabinet then find the opening in the bag.  Not a huge deal - unless you are cooking under way and trying to do that on a rocking boat...  But check out that rail right there - just under the rail that the silverware drawer rides on:
This empty rail is intriguing...

Clorox wipes, rubbing alcohol and Gatorade - makes sense together, right?
Notice the lack of clearance he's pointing to where the door and slider meet.

 I started scheming and decided a "ring" of some sort that could ride on that rail just might hold a trash bag.  I took measurements.  I slid a perfectly sized cutting board into the slot (yeah, it would make a good storage spot for a cutting board, too, but this boat needs trash storage!) Then I dragged Mark over to discuss my idea.  He's pretty good at shooting holes in my plans - which can be a downer, but he's usually right.  Just don't tell him I said that.  When he said the plan was actually feasible - and that he'd whip it up for me, I knew I was onto something.
Mark's current project is building new companionway doors (later blog on that) out of white Marineboard.  Turns out Marineboard is pretty easy to work with and looks fabulous.  And we have quite a bit at the condo.  So he went to work making adjustments. Mark took the left side of the slider off and shimmed it out a bit to create clearance.

Here he's reinstalling the shimmed slide.
 He asked me to sketch out what I was wanting one morning when I was heading off to teach yoga.  I whipped out a detailed blue print (I drew a rectangle on the back of a note card) and when I came home there was a magical trash ring!

 It slides right onto the slider.

Uses a regular sized trash bag - no more tiny grocery bags that shred!
It was sized perfectly to the opening - which actually turns out to be a little snug.
We brought it home and he cut it down a tiny bit.  Should work perfectly now.

I love this.  Such a tiny thing makes such a huge difference!  It is currently my favorite change to the boat.  I'm pretty sure it will drop to 2nd place as soon as those swinging companionway doors replace the wooden stackable doors (the same doors that have given me numerous bruises and tried to rip off one of Mark's toes...).  But for now, I'm a happy girl!

PS. - I still don't know what that slider was originally for.  A cutting board?  A custom trash bin?  Or maybe I'm not so original - just psychic, and this is what was meant to be here.  My Google research couldn't turn up anything.  Do you have a B393?  And if so, can you tell me what is really supposed to be here?

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