Change of Scenery

It's been quiet on the blogging front.  But we've been humming right along, like busy little bees.

Thursday I headed over to Luna Sea and grabbed our raincoats and a few other things, swapped out the A/C power cord for the shore power, turned off the solar panels, checked on the bilge again (it seems to be holding a little water, but that water appears to be the A/C runoff - more investigation on that this week, I guess.) Then I hightailed it home and finished up my online homework for the week and got my backpack loaded.

Friday morning we got up before the crack of dawn, loaded up the wieners and headed to Pisgah National Forest - Brevard, NC.

Molly likes to hop from rock to rock with me.

If I'd thought to pack a swimsuit in the middle of September, I would've been right in that swimming hole with the few brave kids at the camp.  It's what I like to refer to as Refreshing in water aerobics. 
The dogs and I checked out a few trails, but mostly just made up our own along the river.

Hard to believe people will be flooding the area in 3 weeks or so to see the turning of the leaves...

Molly followed me right into the river, as usual.

This picture would imply that Libby did the same - 
- but this one is more realistic.  Took some serious coaxing to get her off the shore and into the chilly water.
Mark rode with the gang all 3 days.  I took the puppies hiking on Saturday.  They love running around in the woods (and poison ivy...).  It was perfect weather - shorts during the day with sweatshirts/jackets/jeans and a fire at night.  Ideal tent camping time of year.

It was a nice 3 day break - but also great to get back home and back to boat projects.  I hear a rumor that Mark is actually going to write a post on the companion way doors he's been slaving away on...


  1. Love this! That area looks beauuutiful. I like your new blog look- been thinking about doing the same myself. Loveyoubah

  2. Wonderful pictures, glad you had a good time and Mark got his ride done. This is a great book/blog thanks for sharing. Keeping my eyes open for the next update :)


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