eboat cards - Social Networking on the Seas?

I was doing my normal (semi-regular, now that the semester is over) blog reading this morning over coffee.  I have a few of you guys that I stalk on a regular basis (ZTC, Windtraveler, KaceyAmanda...) and ran across a post about Active Captain (new to me) introducing eBoatCards.

I'm a bit of a social networking fiend, as my family is spread out over the country/world.  And we like to travel, so it's nice to be able to post our pics/updates and keep up with everyone else's.  As soon as I read about this I signed up and played around with it.  It makes so much sense that the cruising world would be moving toward an online version of (what I read are) the popular boater's cards.  These appear to be business cards for cruisers.  You meet someone cool, trade cards, and can keep in touch (or nonchalantly toss, if they're freaks, I'm assuming).  Pretty nifty idea, but we all know the world is getting smaller via the internet and it was only a matter of time. 

I've jumped on the band wagon, so feel free to add us if you join!

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