Time for a quickie!

The boat we looked at on Sunday is a no-go.  It was in good shape for a previous charter, but it was completely stripped.  Practically no equipment: no ac, no generator, no solar panels (that's just the big stuff - not even a measly spoon!)  Completely empty.  And there was water in the bilge.  And a main window panel over the salon leaks.  And the guy (broker) was kinda, I dunno...  Something just wasn't right.  We really liked the way it looked - even wrote a check for the deposit, but by the end my stomach was in knots and I took the check back.  We spent the 6 hr drive  home wondering if we did the right thing.

I went to bed and just tried to focus on having a clear answer in the morning.  And guess what?  I did.

I remembered that there was another boat listed in a very similar price range and it's just 3 years older.  Also a charter in a previous life.  By now it was Monday, Memorial Day, and we knew we were not driving (5hrs 1 way) to see it that day.  I made arrangements to drive down by myself the next day, after teaching my 7:30am Pilates class.  Turns out she's great!  Has almost all the equipment we want.

I submitted an offer last night and am just waiting on the answer!  Fingers and toes are crossed!  I'll give you guys the full run down as soon as we know it's a done deal.  :)

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