If one is good, is two really better?

We're off to check out a couple of local monohulls in about an hour.  A Hunter 34' and a Hunter 40'.  We've been looking into monohulls thanks to the incredibly reduced price vs a multihull (1/4 the price in most cases!).  Thoughts are that if we go ahead and buy a boat, then we can learn to sail now.  NOW.  I want to be on the water.  I'm ready.  We'll see how today's viewings go.  We may love them, we may not.  From what I can tell, Hunters are really more for coastal sailing/cruising than for bluewater trips (ocean crossings).  But if the 40' is sound and do-able, I say go for it.  (She's recently been on a trip to the Caribbean and returned her owner to Savannah safe and sound).

Just finished up another semester of Culinary School.  Finally learned to fillet/cook fish!  Just try to convince me that won't be helpful on a boat.  It was a great semester, but now that it's over I'm ready to enjoy my summer.  I also just completed my Water Fitness certification and can't wait to get started teaching.  If I can't be ON the water at least I can be IN it!

Happy (almost) Summer!

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