Time line!

We finally have one.

What a relief to have actual dates (ranges, at least).  Sure, they are just yearly goals, but to have semi-solid estimates/goals for key items is encouraging.
So what are some of our goals?

  • Finish my 200 hr yoga certification (checked another training off the list this past weekend!)
  • Finish my Culinary degree (that is going to take a bit, as I'm taking a light load - as well as summers off so we can play in the water!)
  • He needs to finish his dive master/instructor certifications.  And continue working at his wonderful job (so glad he enjoys it!) so that we can pay for the certifications, the boat and stash as much cash away as possible.
  • Buy a boat!  Shooting for this year on that goal.  We're vacillating between monohulls and cats again.  The money we can save by choosing a monohull is astounding.  Regardless of which we choose, having it paid for in full is also on our timeline.
  • Once we have the boat, I suppose we'll need to learn to sail it.  We're both pretty proficient at motoring, but the point of the sail boat is to save some gas money.
Needless to say, we'll be hanging out in Savannah for quite a while.  


  1. That's so great to be able to actually have a timeline! A lot of plans are so subjective and without real timing. Even if it changes, at least it feels real...like it's a dream coming true!

    Best of luck!


  2. It is great! And thanks for the link. Looks like you guys have a great site - I'll be stalking for sure!


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