Is THIS it!?

We are off again.  Heading to Ft. Lauderdale over the holiday weekend to look at a gorgeous 39' Beneteau.   The price is right, it's newer than most we've looked at, it has the required swim/SCUBA deck on the back, a decent sized master berth  AND  it's still available!  Send out the good vibes!

I will take pics this time - and hopefully even a video!  For now, here's a photo of a random Beneteau 393 that I've stolen from the internet:

And from what I can tell, this is roughly the layout:


  1. I REALLY like the layout of that boat! From my VERY limited exposure to looking at boats so far, I like the Beneteau and Morgan boats with Catalina coming in third.

    Looking forward to hearing about your ultimate decision and how the whole process goes.


  2. Hey Mike -
    I'm pretty darn fond of the Catalinas as well!
    The only negative I have so far about Beneteau is that the few we've seen have been pretty rough - crazed gel coat everywhere. But then again, they've likely been charted in their previous lives. I don't think the one we're going to look at has been chartered, but we'll see...

  3. Just got the thumbs up from our Broker on the boat we're heading off to see this weekend. Can't wait to get there! :)

  4. All my fingers crossed and good vibes definitely being sent! That is a darn good-looking boat, layout and all! Best of luck xoxo


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